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Wesak Dansal Sri Lanka ( Free Food )

What is wesak(vesak) ? Vesak(wesak) is a very exciting festival Sri Lankan that buddhist society celebrating month of May. Month of May full moon day known to be as load Buddha's ( Siddhārtha Gautama ) celebration day of the birth, enlightenment and death of Gautama Buddha. This day is called Wesak(Vesak) day. This day most of the country celibate with hanging Buddhist flags of there houses and decorating with Wesak (Vesak) lanterns, colorful bulbs ,thoran and dansal. In the night time people usually visiting out to the streets to watch the colorfulness of wesak(Vesak) and to the temples to have peaceful time. Dansal is something people can come and eat as they wanted to without any limits. Basically its kind of charity work also a free food given way for everyone. Usually these are gathered and organized by some communities or group of people get together. Organizing a Dansal is a good example of good team work. If its hard to find money to open a Dansal people used to go hou

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